Happy Tamalidays!

I spent the day in the kitchen with Joey’s mom and grandma as they taught me the Mexican tradition of tamale makin‘!

Back in the Kitchen!

Yeah, it’s been almost a year. But I’m back.
Re-viginized and ready to cook!

Kitchen DIY Inspiration

We start a kitchen project…or was that a closet project?

Shooting the Bird

The fowl that launched a website: 80 Facebook comments later and we’ve got ourselves an experiment. // Read More
above image borrowed from marthastewart.com

The Virgin Chef

Before 2012, I used my oven to store shoes. I’m a newbie cook and I’m determined to master the art of making a meal…that people actually want to eat. // Read More

The Virgin Kitchen

No, that is not a picture of my kitchen. A girl can dream. My actual kitchen only has 3 working (electric!) burners and a wonky oven. If I can cook, YOU can. // Read More